The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By 4refr0nt
mariuszb wrote:Yes, it is clear for me, but:
If You look on picture You will see content ALL tab: ALARM(ALARM) is pageId 1, Signal100 (ESP100)is pageId 100, .......Signal101(ESP101) is pageId 101.....
but TABs are sortet oddly : ALL, ESP101,ALARM,ESP100
Btw. Should be: eg. "pageId":"100" or "pageId":100 ?? or page index 100 is too big ?

Its bug. Pages order now by page name, not by pageId. I'm will be fix this bug in future version.
Temp fix - use number prefix for page name: "1-Signal100", "2-Alarm" and so on
This was done using Paint :)

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By 4refr0nt
mariuszb wrote:Cosmetic note :) The most popular 'toggle'

Thanks for ideas!
All old widgets need some redesign. Its process will be completed at futures version IoT Manager (not next).
At this time I'm working on several new universal widgets for different applications in real life (thermostat and so on)
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By mariuszb
#40242 My notes :) to simple-btn:

1. delay now is only up to 1 sec - can it be up to 5 sek ?
The function can be used if you want to make sure that the button has not been pressed accidentally - eg. Need to keep at least 3 seconds to activate something

2. Widget can't accept any status data...maybe it could ?
If would, it could be used this for example as status icons for something..."control" not be used by user, user only send "status" (simulating press) to change color etc.
Delay set to 0 by user to avoid unnecessary sending many massages by simle-btn.