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While travelling in bus or train or any public transport many of us don’t know current location or next stop or whole route of current vehicle except regular traveler. Sometimes we ask to near one about that kind of info and so that many people hesitate to ask questions. So for that kind of situation we develop intelligent system which convert regular public transport into smart public transport. User just have to turn on Wi-Fi and get popup in mobile and by clicking it, he can get all information about route of vehicle in few seconds.
This system requires hardware which plugs on vehicle. In hardware Arduino, GPS (GY-NEO6MV2), ESP8266-12, DHT11 Sensor are used. This is very easy to use from user basis because they don’t have to install any app or turn on GPS which is very battery consumed module. It is intranet based ‘offline’ solution so internet connectivity not required. In ‘One Click’ user gets all this info even if user don’t know how to operate mobile because any normal user who don’t have smart phone but a phone has Wi-Fi will also get information.
Working flow of system is 1) Predefined route of vehicle is configured in system. 2) Get current location using GPS. 3) Find next station by comparing distance in route. 4) Send Updated data using Wi-Fi.
We use esp8266-12 for Wi-Fi and use its captive portal functionality. So, whole system runs without entering URL, no need to install app, and also internet connectivity not required.
Hardware Description:
ESP8266 Arduino (Serial-UART)
GPS (GY-NEO6MV2) Arduino (Serial-UART)
DHT11 Arduino (ADC A0)
Supply for Arduino and ESP8266 through 5v USB and CP2102.
These are below list of advantages and future scope of this system.
Ultra-low cost solution.
Internet connectivity not required, so no operating cost.
No need to install any application.
User automatically gets “splash page”, so that’s one click event.
Future Scope:
Over The Air(OTA) Update
Travelling time estimation
Vehicle speed estimation
Alternative routes
Public awareness / Advertisement Section
Complaint/feedback collection
Use for show advertisement/announcement/awareness messages.
Description of images attached:
This image contains hardware used in system which plugs in bus. In this image there is ESP8266-12, CP2102 USB-UART, Arduino Mega 2560, DHT11 (Temp, Humidity Sensor) ,and GPS Module.
This is image of complete hardware fits in small lunch-box.
This is image of ‘splash screen’ or say push notification when connecting to mobile.
This is image of html page which shows next upcoming station, route of vehicle , Current station, Temperature and humidity measurement.




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