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By cicciocb
I see the 3 ESP Basic scripts are configured as udp responders that reply to the 'requester' test utility. So reading between the lines, I'm guessing the utility is mainly for a simple way of finding the IP addresses of any available but unknown dhcp udp nodes?
I think what that probably means though, is that each node can only join the ESP Basic udp network based by responding with a unique 'name', therefore all nodes must have uniquely tailored scripts loaded before they come online. - See more at: posting.php?mode=reply&f=40&t=9330#preview

Yes, a special script needs to be installed on each ESP to be recognised but, using broadcast, no IP setting will be required.
If you goal is just to find the list of the IP addresses given by the DHCP, you can use any IP scanner utility.
As soon as you have the IPs of the modules connected, you can use the web interface to load and run the blinking script.
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By cwilt
cicciocb wrote:What should be the DNS function you refer? A simply DNS could be done by your load WIFI router.

Doesn't mDNS provide a way to get info about a device connected to the network? Then an ESP could search for other ESP's.