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Is any one still using the ESP-01 modules? Should I still support these.

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By Mmiscool
#54454 It is becoming much more difficult to support the esp-01 modules even with 1 meg of flash.

Is it still worth it to support these modules with esp basic or has every one moved on to the esp-12?
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By Ecoli-557
#54455 Thanks for all that you do for this! I would clearly migrate for the opportunity for more capability!
Better is always good's worst enemy......
-Regards to All.
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By forlotto
#54458 Just like everyone mentions you can easily use the espbasic dev kit / nodemcu or esp12 with a relay to replace sonsoff or esp12 to replace any esp01 device while adding much more functionality and GPIO.

If someone were wanting to take over development for esp01 they are free to do so mmiscool put out plenty of information in posts on how to compile the binary. So drop supports for esp01 why not let someone else handle support and create a branch for the esp01 I think we should really move on to improve basic.

All the people who voted no why not start a branch specifically for the esp01.
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By Mmiscool
#54471 I have some new functions ready to rock for graphics on the i2c displays and other things. Unfortunately it bumps the binary size over the limits on the 1 meg modules. I have it all commented out for now. Depending on the results of this poll this can be switched on for the next build.