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Is any one still using the ESP-01 modules? Should I still support these.

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By Benn
#54780 As long as somebody uses it, you should be supporting and we do appreciate that.
I do not have esp-01 and I have only esp-12e and above.
The problem with our society are getting too rich and lazy so they dump old stuffs for new even though these old stuffs can still do the same job.
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By Oldbod
#54781 Kind of off topic here but if a licence allows software to be used in a commercial product, i don't see why that is a problem provided the terms are complied with. There are huge numbers of devices out there that do just that. Often grants and support go to the developers to keep products alive. I'm really keen to see espbasic thrive, but if i was a manufcturer making half a million a year from devices running it that would probably have me asking 'how can i make sure this thrives?'.

Electroguard, seems to me there's nothing like seeing what others have acheived , presented in an understandable way, to encourage people to get stuck in. It's not wasted effort. I don't really see many people coming to the site just to blindly clone some code; it's less effort just to buy the commercial product, but i thjnk they want to do something a bit differnt, or more cheaply, or just for the fun of it. So if they have to learn a bit and update some code, well thats all going to add to the eventual sense of achievement.
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By Mmiscool
#54784 For the foreseeable future barring any increase in binary size when the arduino environment is updated there will be support for 512k and 1 meg modules.

The build process is now automated so that I can compile the same source code for all version and selectively leave features out for the builds that are for hardware with the smaller memory sizes.

Bug fixes will be applied to all at the same time and the same flasher will be used.