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By ardhuru
#56304 From what I understand, a 'default.bas' file is run automatically, but after a delay to permit exiting the program. Am I correct about this?

In which case, is there a way to optionally run it immediately after bootup? Or even better, can this delay be adjusted?

Best Regards.
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By Mmiscool
#56492 I will be adding a feature for this hopefully in the next build. I have the code and just need to create the documentation for it. There are a number of things on the settings page that can be managed using the write() function in a basic program as setti gs on the esp are stored as dat files. Dont expect this to be added to the settings page how ever but rather set using code.

I plan to document the file names so that these settings can be managed by the user using wite() functions if folks have not figured out how to do it already.
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By ardhuru
#56552 I definitely look forward to that.

Are you saying it can already be done by editing a file created by the settings page? I couldnt find one that was to do with either enabling, or defining the startup delay.

Being able to specify this programmatically would be fine too.

Thanks for indulging us, Mmiscool.
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By Electroguard
#56566 While on the subject of autorun - I manually set and check a flag during dev to prevent things getting too annoying, but it would be useful if a script had some way to check if it was being autorun or not, so that it might automatically modify its behaviour or settings accordingly (such as blinking or speaking its dhcp IP address).