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By PhilTilson
#58759 At long last I have updated the .docx and .pdf files for the printed reference.

I had been waiting to hear back from Michael with a number of queries that I had, but I discovered that he had actually amended his on-line documentation in response to my queries - he just didn't tell me!

So please find attached the latest versions.

The putrid purple has been changed to blue, which reproduces well on monochrome printers; the things that have been added or amended since the last time have been highlighted in red in both the Table of Contents and the Index; and after many hours slaving over the Word VBA Reference (geez!) I managed to produce a macro that allows both the ToC and the Index in the .pdf version to be hyperlinked. So you can now click on any command or function and go straight there.

I am sure there will be many more changes to come but at least now I can create a hyperlinked index reasonably easily. I just need to know when and what changes are made! :mrgreen:


PS - I still don't know how to make these files 'stickies', as has been suggested by a few people. Anyone?
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