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By forlotto
#60609 Wow interesting I am curious on your tests or projects you use this for but nicely done I personally was wanting a small case at a point something like a raspberry pi case for the nodemcu that would have 4 mounting feet coming off of it with enough clearance for dupont connector plugged into it., slits for connecting 15p female dupont connectors, and a hole for usb. Only issue is it is a tricky thing due to different sizes and placement of the pins but one could have a universal slit and mounting method.

I do see a good level of creativity in this project with indication and a throwback type look with LED display integration something important to note. At one time there was PS2 keyboard enumeration support with basic the amount of space that consumed was fairly large though so it was cut out in version 1 it is still available on github though you will lose a lot of other functions if you were to downgrade.

Thanks for the update and thanks for sharing way cool!