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By noumes
#61936 Hi all,

Trying to program the hardware registers w/o an SDK. I see the registers listed in the Technical Reference Appendix 4, but haven't had any luck getting it to work. Are there any code samples around this?

I want to configure the hardware time to trigger an ISR on a timed interval. FRC1_CTRL_ADDRESS seems relatively straight forward for configuring the prescaler value, and enabling the timer, but I'm confused as to where to set the ISR.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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By eriksl
#62313 Unfortunately the hardware registers are very lousy documented. After a lot of whining they came forward with these lists, which are really too minimal for actual use. What a difference if you're used to datasheets from Atmel.

Apparently they rather see us using the SDK for everything. On a higher level platform, that has a real operating system (Linux...) I'd be more than happy to the use hardware abstraction layer. But this is another story, on a simple microcontroller, one wants to have access to all hardware directly. Also the SDK code has numerous bugs and shortcomings.

They defend theirselves with the argument that they cannot disclose the registers involved with RF because that would make it possible to circumvent FTA etc. rules. Fair enough, but it's bullocks in this context, the registers for uart, i/o and timers etc. are already known, it's just the documentation that lacks.

They simply don't want to spend the time on proper documentation and also they don't want to spread that some features (like i2c) are implemented in software, there is no hardware module...

Having said that, if you look at my project, you will see how the FRC is used for an maskable interrupt that calls a function periodically. It's done using trial-and-error. ... bridge.git