Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By Albertooo
#62324 Thanks Kayno,

Eager to prove it.

I have written a listener / writer in nodejs to control the code with siri and voice.

Basically what it does is listen to the mqtt and transformate to publish it in another mqtt channel in which I have a homebridge plugin.

Could you integrate it with your code?

Thanks in advance.

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By kayno
#62395 @SwiCago - I have committed the merge of your commits that I missed (because I forked from unreality) as well as my changes and a couple of things from unreality into https://github.com/kayno/HeatPump/. This has been tested with the MQTT example that I added, and works really nicely.

I have also created a pull request for us to discuss and review: https://github.com/SwiCago/HeatPump/pull/2

@Albertoo - sorry mate, yet to look at your questions, I have been focusing the time I have on getting my code up to scratch for this pull request.
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By Albertooo
#62550 Quiet Kayaking, no problem.

I am developing the plugin for homebridge of 0 with your adjustments.
It works perfect real-time communication with the heat pump through homekit with voice commands.

A marvel !!!!!! :)

When I have finished I will attach it.