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By alex_g
rudy wrote:
alex_g wrote:1) The ESP-07 has two antennae, the on-board ceramic one and the receptacle for the external one. Are these two DESIGNED to work together?

They are not designed to work together. Just because it works does not mean it is working properly. I have a ESP-07S and I can use it without an antenna. (it does not include the antenna like the ESP-07) It works. But of course it has less signal for transmit and receive.

If you are using the external antenna with the ESP-07 then you should remove the shorting resistor that brings the connection to the on board antenna.

Thanks very much rudy, that's kind of what I thought, but it's nice to have it confirmed by someone who really knows.

Just to be 100% sure, the resistor you mention is the one between the external antenna jack and the red LED, yes? That is, NOT the one between the red and the blue LEDs, hope I've got that right! (BTW, nice to know that you can disconnect the on-board ceramic one so easily - and reversibly)
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By rudy
#64332 In the picture I posted you can see the trace going to the antenna connector. The small resistor (0 Ohms) is a bridge between that trace and the pcb antenna on the right. The left most part.

I'm at work now so I don't know which is the red or green led.
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By alex_g
#64342 Ah yes, rudy, I couldn't see that from the angle I was viewing my monitor - it looked really dark. Now that you say it, I looked at the monitor from a different angle and it was very clear. I need to either change my viewing angle or buy a decent monitor!

After that I could see the track on the actual chip too, it's quite obscure there, I needed a lens. And yes, it is the resistor between the antenna an and the red (power) LED, the leftmost one. The blue is the rightmost and seems to light up when receiving data.

Huge thanks guys, that seems to have solved everything I asked, really appreciate the forum!
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By alex_g
#64365 For the sake of completeness:

HT7333 works just dandy. OK it's only rated for 500mA vs the 117's 1A, but my application is not TX demanding
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