The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT
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By rajbex
#58638 Although there are so many cloud IoT platforms (ThingSpeak,,, Xively, … ) available in the market, each offering APIs and tools to allow the Arduino and ESP8266 users to directly upload their sensor readings online for real-time visualization and global access, Google Drive is still many people's favorite choice for posting sensor data online as it is more approachable. Here is a comprehensive tutorial that describes a method of connecting the ESP8266 device directly to a Google sheet for storing the sensor data without using any third party service, like pushingbox that most Arduino users use as a bridge for fulfilling Google’s http requirements and handling the URL redirection. This tutorial explains how you can make the task much simpler by using a recently published HTTPSRedirect Arduino library written by Sujay Phadke. It allows the ESP8266 to self-handle the redirect and https GET requests and access the Google sheets for data logging.
Find details here: ... g-esp8266/