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By Joaquim Boavida
#66058 Hi,
I'm using the latest version (Alpha 69) and I cannot get the time.setup with daylight saving option enabled.
I'm in UCT (offset zero) but now we are in the "summer" time, so actually the time is plus 1 hour. Dayligt time saving is active.

The time zone works as expected, but the daylight option no.
Is the same thing is I use time.setup(0,0) or timesetup(0,1)
The same if I use custom timeservers (Ex:


none works :(
Also using the settings on the files and the time() function returns the time without the daylight saving

I have other clocks (wired, not WiFi) with other firmware that woks great.
Anyone has the same problem?
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By heckler
#66061 I don't believe that I have ever seen the DST part of time.setup(zone,dst) work correctly.
I just resort to manually changing the zone by +/- 1 when the time changes.

I have implemented a routine in a PIC microcontroller that does a calendar calculation each time the time() is retrieved from the esp module to check if DST is in effect or not.

see my project here
if you want to see how I did it.

As I think about it though, what is/was the intended purpose of the dst value in the time.setup(zone,dst)??
It still requires a manual change when the time changes. Why not just adjust the zone and forget the dst value?

am I missing something?
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By jimg
#66065 The only way to get dst info is using the daytime protocol. Just connect to on port 13 using tcp or udp and it will return a string with dst info. If you're lucky.
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By Joaquim Boavida
#66069 The purpose of DST parameter in the function (I think) is to do it automatically.
The clocks will be used in a factory and they are supposed to be completely independent and self contained regarding to the time and accuracy...
They will required intervention only if the SSID or password changes.
Like I said I use Bascom for my non WiFi microncontrollers and it is working perfectly...
Probably I have to replicate the function that calculates the DST on esp8266 basic. But its supposed to be internal, because we add seconds, not hours..