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By JackB
#65969 I am trying to get a simple web server working, but it doesn't seem to work, and I'm afraid its a firmware issue.

Basically I finally figured out what is SUPPOSED to happen, after getting the esp setup as AP, I can connect my laptop to it, and issuing the CIPSERVER=1,80, I type in the IP in my web browser. According to examples I've seen, then esp then sends a +IPD---- output with the connect data. However, I get nothing on my esp, then browser eventually times out.

Am I confused about how to get the browser input, or is my firmware just broken? It appears to be AT
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By JackB
#66201 To follow-up, it is NOT a firmware problem. I did follow that example, and is why I wondering it was not working. I bought a FTDI thingy so I could type at it and see the replies, and it worked as expected this way,
so clearly not a firmware issue. I have been struggling with this damn device for over a week now, great to save $20 and spend 50 hours messing with it. I have 'blown-up' 5 of them now that don't power up anymore, or powerup to just get resets over and over. But over this time, I did get something to work on unit number 6,
an ESP-12e version, but it is flakey too. Unfortunately I'm having to use a little micro that has only 128bytes of memory, so I can't even read in an entire web page request, but have managed to deal with this limitation.

My problem now seems to be when sending back the http reply, it is getting some 'busy' replies almost every time and not sending the entire reply back.

I have bought another handful of esp-2, but now I'm thinking $10 is cheap for something that might actually work right, and bought a different wifi board, but I need to get this working asap, and now I'm thinking of
dropping the wifi and just hardcode a terminal for the user interface. This isn't so simple either in terms of software, as I don't want the end user to have to load anything on their phone or laptop to control this system I have built, but anything other than wifi and a browser interface needs them to load in some kind of software.