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By gggggggg
gggggggg wrote:Alternatively this: ... s&&&chn=ps
Might have a better way to get different status.

In theory, sound ok?

Though the ESP only has 1 analog in, so I could not read the different states. Though inside something might be giving off different voltages..
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By rudy
#66067 The first link looks to be just an indicator, if it is going off. The second one is like the circuit I showed. Pretty expensive for both of them. I'll see what else I can dig up.
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By rudy
#66105 A 12 hour day at work and you figure during that time I would have an opportunity to look up the information on our fencer indicator design. But it was a busy day and I couldn't. I wanted to get some details but I will just briefly mention it now. We needed to add an indicator to show the fence condition. I don't really want to call it a voltage indicator as the range might not have been linear. But it did show different loading so it did what it needed to.

We added a wire through one of the output transformer's lamination holes. Not in with the high voltage wire's window area, but through the holes in the E portion.

It was away from any high voltage. We used one turn through that hole and got enough signal that we could send through a diode and into a capacitor. The voltage on the capacitor was measured by a bar graph display chip. It was quite effective.

I'l try and get more details but it would be on Tuesday if I can remember. (Long Weekend here :D )