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By carlmeek
#68992 I’ve been really struggling with a WEMOS D1 Mini. When I power it with regulated 5v it doesn’t boot until you press reset.

I’ve pulled up every GPIO+RST except GPIO15 which is directly grounded.

When I power it up and test voltage, GPIO0 shows 1.6v (presumably low?!) whereas GPIO2 (next to it) shows 3.3v. These are pulled up using 4k7 resistors off the 5v line. I tried off the 3.3v previously, same result.

Here are a couple of photos - this is my second attempt to get this board working, and I’ve tried many, many suggestions I’ve read online.

You will see 2 regulators and a big cap next to one of them - these 2 parts are not currently used. I intended this to provide a separate 5v to power the LCD, just in case it was a power issue.

I do have caps on the 5v and 3.3v lines.

I’ve tried two different Wemos D1 Pro boards. I’ve also painstakingly recreated the circuit twice with the same results.

I was previously using an ESPDuino with a screw shield, and near identical circuitry - that one always boots despite identical connections to the same pins.

Very stuck!! Any help would be much appreciated.
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