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By bomboem
#68994 So, i have this nodeMCU ESP8266. (I will see what board i have exactly tomorow i don't have it here). I use it for the new "deauther" thing and it worked perfectly for a week or two, yesterday I connected my esp8266 to a 5V power source (USB 2.0 PC port), and the light flashed two times, as usual, BUT I left the board connected to the power source for like 10 mins without doing anything with it, and the blue led randomly flashed a couple of times and then stopped... My esp8266 hotspot dissapeared and when i hit reset or reconnect it to the power source, it doesn't flash or reacts anymore. My pc doesn't recognize it anymore and NodeMCU flasher isn't detecting it, it looks dead... Is there any way to fix it? I have a arduino uno with TX and RX ports, can i hook it up to that one and see if anything responds? Can someone tell me how?
[move]Thanx in advance,[/move]