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By QuickFix
#70550 Ah in AP mode...

Of course in software "Everything" (within limits) should be possible, but I don't know of any plug 'n pay solutions at the moment, but in theory it shouldn't be too difficult, I suppose.
Maybe some other members here?
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By philbowles
#70970 Yes, it can be done. I do it in my IOT projects. Although its not complex, it will require legwork. You need to run ESP8266Webserver in your code and provide a handler that reads form values and then acts accordingly.

You can then simply disconnect and reconnect with the new values.

You can serve the page from a PROGMEM varibale, but I prefer to use SPIFFS and upload a "proper" web page then serve it from SPIFFS. This way tou can use fancy editors with tag completion , syntax coloring etc while getting your page right.

As has been mentioned, it's insecure - the password will be sent in the clear, so only do this over a network you trust or control yourself