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By pjakobs
#72496 Hi Board,

I have inherited a piece of firmware that was written on an older version of the Sming framework, and have been struggling to get to a point where I can even maintain it, let alone improve on it.
I have set up a current Sming in a container (thanks for this method, that finally made it straight forward and simple to get to a working environment).
Now, however, I stumble on a rather unexpected point and my understanding of (modern) c++ isn't good enough to really figure out what's going wrong here.
Code: Select allvoid ApplicationOTA::start(String romurl, String spiffsurl) {
   Serial.println("Starting OTA ...");
   if (otaUpdater) {
      delete otaUpdater;
   otaUpdater = new rBootHttpUpdate();

   rboot_config bootconf = rboot_get_config();
   rom_slot = app.getRomSlot();

   if (rom_slot == 0) {
      rom_slot = 1;
   } else {
      rom_slot = 0;

   otaUpdater->addItem(bootconf.roms[rom_slot], romurl);

   if (rom_slot == 0) {
      otaUpdater->addItem(RBOOT_SPIFFS_0, spiffsurl);
   } else {
      otaUpdater->addItem(RBOOT_SPIFFS_1, spiffsurl);
   otaUpdater->setCallback(OtaUpdateDelegate(&ApplicationOTA::rBootCallback, this));


So I understand that this uses a delegate to provide the callback to the updater for the simple reason that this code resides inside a class instance and cannot or should not be called from the outside.

However, I wonder, has the syntax for the OtaUpdateDelegate (which is really just an UpdateDelegate) changed over the recent Sming updates? The error would suggest that UpdateDelegate requests
Code: Select allapp/otaupdate.cpp: In member function 'void ApplicationOTA::start(String, String)':
app/otaupdate.cpp:51:56: error: no matching function for call to 'rBootHttpUpdate::setCallback(void (ApplicationOTA::*)(bool))'
app/otaupdate.cpp:51:56: note: candidate is:
In file included from /workspace/Sming/Sming/Wiring/../SmingCore/SmingCore.h:50:0,
                 from /workspace/Sming/Sming/Wiring/Arduino.h:8,
                 from include/RGBWWLed/RGBWWLed.h:38,
                 from include/RGBWWCtrl.h:57,
                 from app/otaupdate.cpp:22:
/workspace/Sming/Sming/Wiring/../SmingCore/Network/rBootHttpUpdate.h:52:7: note: void rBootHttpUpdate::setCallback(OtaUpdateDelegate)
  void setCallback(OtaUpdateDelegate reqUpdateDelegate);
/workspace/Sming/Sming/Wiring/../SmingCore/Network/rBootHttpUpdate.h:52:7: note:   no known conversion for argument 1 from 'void (ApplicationOTA::*)(bool)' to 'OtaUpdateDelegate {aka Delegate<void(rBootHttpUpdate&, bool)>}'
/workspace/Sming/Sming/ recipe for target 'out/build/app/otaupdate.o' failed
make: *** [out/build/app/otaupdate.o] Error 1

My understanding is that, in rBootHttpUpdate.h, OtaUpdateDelegate is defined like this
Code: Select all//typedef void (*otaCallback)(bool result);
typedef Delegate<void(rBootHttpUpdate& client, bool result)> OtaUpdateDelegate;

which would make it of type void, which is what the error message complains about.

where am I going wrong?

kind regards