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By Aster
#73066 hello,

I am trying to control a wifi camera (gopro) with a esp8266 (ESP01), there are a few working (as far as i know) codes around the web, like: ... ontrol.ino or ... ro-remote/

but these obviuosly have to be flashed on the board.
I would like to do something similar with AT commands, before i try this, is it always possible?

the commands i should send are these: ...
but for now i am not sure how i should do all of this

I am following this: ... reference/
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By Aster
#73068 okkk i am near
i have connection with the camera:

AT+CIPSTART="TCP","",80 // or 8080 for GoPro 3+

now i should send the request
i guess i have to do:

where x is the number of bytes in the request

and then the request
which should be:

but it is not working :|