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By Merkur
#73928 I am still having difficulty with this and do not have any more clarity as to whether I can make multiple POST commands, one after the other without a WiFi disconnect/reconnect. Does anyone have any guidance on this?

What is the "easyIOTReport function" that you use?


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By btidey
#73938 I don't disconnect the whole wifi between POSTs. I just use a client.connect before each POST. has my code for measuring temperatures and reporting to either easyIOT or Home Assistant. I actually use easyIOT as I find it works well and the database holds a lot of values without getting very large.

The easyIOTReport function is called to report a new value. It has retry logic in as well.

It uses the clientConnect function to open the client connection to easyIOT host before each POST. That has retry logic in as well.

In practice I find the retry logic is a bit redundant as my wifi network is pretty reliable.