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By John Kneen
#76929 Hi all

I'm relatively new but have written code for the ESP8266 in both station and softAP modes.
I now wanted to send data to ThingSpeak ( .
I had trouble so I tried pinging.
I expected to receive a time plus either OK or ERROR
-- the command is echoed but nothing else is captured (I wait up to 10 seconds)

I tried an invalid command AT+TEST - the same result - AT+TEST is echo'd but nothing else.

The manual requests that an AT+GMR be executed - once again no response.

Has anyone any ideas - these additional lines are attached to my code for initialising the ESP8266 as a station - that initialization all continues to work - ie send AT+RST the reply is "ready"

// Serial.print("AT+PING=\"\"");
// Serial.print("AT+TEST");
wifiSTA.dspAll(1000); //my routine to display data from ESP8266 to Arduino

Many thanks

John Kneen
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By QuickFix
#76959 First of all: welcome to our forums John.
But, you've posted your question under "News", while a better place would have been our "Newbie Corner". :idea:

We generally don't use the default AT-command set of the ESP, but just write our own firmware (using Arduino with ESP-core, LUA, BASIC or some other development tool), since the ESP is, on a lot of points, superior to the Atmel (not on everything though).
Using an ESP merely as a modem is a bit like using a quad-core gaming PC to let your Commodore Amiga talk to the internet using FastLynx (for those younger than 40, please use Google translate). :lol:

There are however a few people that have used (or are still using) the AT-command set, but there are not many, so chances you'll get a satifying answer are pretty slim, since using AT is a very daunting task (as you have discovered yourself). ;)
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By John Kneen
#76988 Thank you for the welcome - sorry about posting to News.

As I thought I made a stupid mistake - the commands should be ...println(AT+...) NOT print(...)

Reading up there are two processors - The AT Command Processor and the ESP8266 API.
Commands will be placed in the AT Command Processor which will (i) echo the commands and (ii) on receipt of the cr and lf transfer these to the ESP8266API - So in my case step (ii) never happened.

I appreciate that for speed to market one should use all the available tools and libraries. In my case I've long since retired and are doing this for interest. AND I want to learn some of the details of what is in the libraries - hence I'm back to using AT commands. I've learnt a few things and may be able to contribute to some of the other threads.

I hope this ends this thread - thank you - John K