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By venkatt
#78149 G'day,
Bloke from Aus. Trying to build a DIY Garage door opener module. Looking for pointers additional thoughts from anyone who have done this using ESP8266 or better way with ESP8266 and Raspberry pi or something else.

Scope of Project
#Car from Outside : Expectation is garage is automatically opened. Garage automatically closes in 5 minutes after opened.
# Car Starts (in Garage) : Garage door is opened and as the car goes out of wifi range Garage door closes.
# All actions will send an email.

Proposed Hardware
Router - 1
Garage wifi opener module - 1
ESP8266 with relay at - 1
ESP8266 in car power by car USB
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By PatrykW
#78207 Well, once you have both ESP's connected to your WiFi, it should be a simple matter of having the one in the car broadcast a UDP packet say once a second and the one in the garage listen for those packets wile remembering when the last packet came, no?
Whether or not it's wise to have something like that is another story, of course.