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By HamzaHajeir
QuickFix wrote:Please don't use your Google (or any other external shared) drive for hosting images: this doesn't work for others (we won't see the images). :?

Just upload to this forum using the "Upload attachment"-tab below the "Save draft", "Preview" and "Submit"-buttons. :idea:

Edited, Thanks for the note.

Note : OTA upload command continue to succeed uploading sketches .

Here's a thing i have done in case to solve a prior problem -Idk if it's related to this problem- :
I've moved (by cuting) Arduino15 folder (in folder : User/Username/AppData) - then run arduino ide - close it and brought the folder back replacing its component (was only newly created preferences.txt file).

I don't know if this can help solving the problem.
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By QuickFix
#79102 As I understand preferences.txt is (partially) written by the Arduino IDE itself, so if you'd delete (or move) it, it will be created again after starting and exiting the IDE.
If you're missing entries, because you've made some edits yourself (and f*cked it up), you should be able to extract a virgin version of it from the Arduino IDE installer or could browse the Arduino repository on GitHub and search for it