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By ashasingh18
#79399 Hi,
Our system consists of 4Duino that has ESP8266. I have an Andriod APP also to communicate with this ESP8266. I setup a tcp server on ESP8266 using AT command "AT+CIPSERVER=1,80"
Then I connect to the network using AT+CWJAP command. I retrieve the DHCP IP address and try to send an acknowledgement to the Andriod APP via ESPserial.print(F("AT+CIPSEND=0,1\r\n"))
followed by ESPserial.println("1");

Sometimes the Andriod APP gets this acknowledgement but most of the time it does not get it. I have a retry to sent this acknowledgement but it still does not work.

I was wondering if you could shed some insight what I am doing wrong? Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,