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By QuickFix
monkeytronics wrote:Wifi manager is insecure.

Who cares if it is? :roll:

The ESP is a "Simple" microcontroller, not a datacenter or multi-user environment.
People want to make simple, personal projects for free and for a small audience; if you're planning to roll out your product to the masses, you can risk assess any present vulnerabilities.
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By monkeytronics
#80516 Who cares if it is? :roll:

I really do. I think it's crazy that we, as developers, would be satisfied to opearate at a lower level of security than we would, were we to productionise something! I don't get the logic. Since it's just for me, "I'll not bother with security." Personally, I'd feel better with, "since this is for me, I'll make damn sure it's as secure as I can. I'm going to give it 2 layers of crypto, teeth and a failsafe to scramble the memory. And I want smoke afterwards for good measure".

I don't have much time on my hands, but I will have a go at a secure version of this. Presumably noone has released it so far, because it's of commercial value. So those that have done it, don't want to share it. Which is fair enough I suppose. As I say, it has definite value.