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By mslawo95
#79600 Hi, I made a code to my WEMOS D1 Controller and ths code should be send data (temp, humidity) to Losant, Connecting to WiFi is ok, but when the Controller connecting to Losant is a message:

Code: Select all`WiFi connected
IP address:

Authenticating Device...This device is authorized!

Connecting to Losant...-1

My code:

In Logs in Losant website I have only message:

Code: Select allDevice RoomSensor1 authenticated with Losant
Authentication succeeded
ndz 16 gru 2018 21:45:41 GMT+01:00`

so the Controller had a connection/authentication succeeded, but next process is won't be gone.. all the time this message which I paste over.

Please HELP ME!

I made this Tutorial/Course with Losant:

https://www.losant.com/blog/getting-sta ... t22-sensor