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By Octradox
#79967 Hi, I'm trying to send an email via my esp8266

Couldn't get it to work via gmail, so I used easyIOTcloud, but they have an email limit.

So i tried the smtp2go method. My code seems to work, however, my usernames account is not allowed to send.

The dashboard tells me I need to link to a domain name I have control over to send emails. Is this new? Or am I missing something?
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By Octradox
#79980 After several hours of internet searching I found an instruction article that had around 7 people also having the same issue as me. The trick is to message them and ask to use their service. They don't want spammers is all.

Anyway. For anybody stuck trying to send an email via smtp, message the company and theyll resolve your issue in an hour. Very efficient. Very good company.
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By ankit_shetty
#82523 You need to verify your domain, once your domain is approved you can start sending emails.
I personally use Pepipost, wherein our Domain is Approved Quickly without any Constraints.
Moreover, You can send 30,000 Emails FREE for first 30 days with an assurance of Inboxing.