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By Osvaldo
#80937 Hi, I am new with ESP8266 but not with Arduino. I am starting to use Arduino IDE to program webservers with my ESP8266 nodemcu V3 lollin.
I read about SPIFF option as a good way, so I installed the tool for sketch data upload in the IDE, which is done.
The problem is that when I try to use this, I get the error message "SPIFFS not Supported on ESP8266".
I have the board defined as NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP 12E Module) as the Lollin site says.
Try IDE 1.8.6, and 1.8.8 with the same answer.
I can not find the solution on the network for this.
In the other hand, I can use other options to get a similar result from my webservers but I would like to resolve this, at least to get the knowhow.
Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this issue?
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By Osvaldo
#81055 Well as I imagined from the beginning, something was wrong. Indeed, the jar file that I was trying to use corresponded to esp32 and not to esp8266. Fixed this, already everything works.
My apologies .
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#88893 I'm having the same problem as you described. Can you help me locate the files that I need to correct the problem? Thank you.

Update: While waiting for this post to be approved, I solved the problem on my own. (Basically, it was a matter of me not having all of the wiring properly in place).