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By 21isenough
#81694 Hi all

I'm loosing my sleep here. Can't figure out what exactly is going on here. I've got two "Wemos D1 Mini" and on one, my sketch with the deepSleep function works perfectly, on the other, it doesn't (D0 and RST obviously connected on both).

The Wemos goes into deepSleep and I can see the onboard LED flash quickly, which would normally wake up the Wemos, but it doesn't do so.

Now, I measured the 3.3V during deepSleep on pin D0 and can see it drop to LOW after the timer is up but it doesn't reset the Wemos. Interestingly with a second impuls (e.g. connect RST to GND), the Wemos powers up. Same for the reset button: After it has gone into deepSleep I can only reset the Wemos with two pushs onto the reset button (quickly flashes first, then resets with a second push).

The other Wemos I have works perfectly well with that sketch. Anybody an idea?
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By QuickFix
21isenough wrote:(D0 and RST obviously connected on both).

By "Connected" I assume you mean "Using a wire or a resistor"?

It's considered more reliable when using a Schottky diode between GPIO16 and reset. :idea:
(The link goes to a thread about the NodeMCU, but the recommendation applies to all ESP's)
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By 21isenough
QuickFix wrote:By "Connected" I assume you mean "Using a wire or a resistor"?

Yes, connected with a wire or a resistor. In my setup, I've been successful with resistors up to 470Ω and also a simple wire worked without problem - that is, with one of the boards. With the other, neither of those do.