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By flonch
#82238 I'm trying to modify the eboot.c file located in bootloaders/eboot/, but when I try to run the makefile I get this error below.

../../tools/esptool/esptool -vvv -eo eboot.elf -bo eboot.bin -bs .text -bs .data -bs .rodata -bc -ec || true
/bin/sh: 1: ../../tools/esptool/esptool: not found

I have the latest git version (2.6.0-dev), following the instructions outlined below. ... structions

When I go to the tools/esptool/ directory, there is "", but nothing which is simply "esptool". If someone can point out what I might be missing, it would be appreciated. Attached the full output in case the the messages which come before are of any use.
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