Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By maverickchongo
#82278 Hi,

I compile the esp-non-os-sdk using esp-open-sdk, however, I want to make some changes to the mbedtls library but have had no luck as it doesn't seem to compile my changes.

Does anybody have experience with esp-open-sdk?


Thanks in advace
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By maverickchongo
#82286 Thanks for your answer @davydnorris.

So, I maybe didn't explain myself well, sorry. It does compile fine, but doesn't take my changes.
I am changing the following file:


Then as a test I only enable tlsv1.1 (MBEDTLS_SSL_PROTO_TLS1_1) and disable (comment) the rest. However my mqtt continues using TLS1.2 to connect to the broker...

So not sure what exactly I need to change for this to get compiled...