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By Munque
#82668 I'm hoping it's possible to control Dimmable AC-powered LEDs using J5 on an ESP8266.

Using the following:

- ESP8266 Microcontroller
- RobotDyn AC Dimmer

**Question**: First up, Is this even possible using J5 over WiFi with an ESP8266?
I've read there are latency issues that cause flickering.

Assuming it is nonetheless possible...

Here's what I understand so far:
Connect the Dimmer's PWM pin to a PWM-enabled ESP GPIO
Connect Dimmer's ZC pin to another ESP GPIO set for Digital *Read*? or *Write*?

**Question**: On the J5 side, then what?
Been looking at this StackExchange page for clues
Among the key commands in Arduino IDE is `attachInterrupt` (e.g. `attachInterrupt(0, zero_crosss_int, RISING)`
**Question**: Is there an equivalent to `attachInterrupt()` in J5? If not, is there a way to directly call the command from J5?