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By damon73
#82670 I have a ... 51608&th=1 and I would like to connect it to a esp to send me an alert when it is triggered, I tested the indoor receiver and the voltage coming from the power adapter is 5v so I know I either have to get one that is set up for 5v or install a 3.3v voltage regulator. I set up a applet already on to send me a alert when the web event is triggered. I would like to be able to have 4 inputs(1 for each sensor), so my question is what would be the best esp for my application? I haven't taken the indoor receiver apart yet but if it sends signals in 5v do I have to put a voltage regulator on all 4 inputs to the esp or can it handle 5v for a few seconds? Also since I am new to writing code if anyone has a similar application that I could use as a reference that would be great.
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By rudy
#82746 The ESP8266 inputs are not 5v compatible. If the voltage to be monitored is not a 3-3.3v logic level then you will need to have some interface circuitry. It could be a resistor divider, or something more complex.

As far as what ESP8266 board to recommend, it really depends on how you want to implement the ESP with that base unit. I would want to put the ESP8266 into that device's enclosure and steal power from it to power the ESP. It depends on how much room there is (if any) and if there is sufficient power available.

If you need to use an external boxed ESP8266, then you need to think of how you want to wire the signals to the external box with the ESP. You would need to power the ESP, so the question is what would you prefer to use to power it? Lots of people use USB chargers. I would prefer an AC-DC adapter with a wired cord, no usb connector. It really is a matter of choice.

Because you need to monitor 4 inputs you will likely need a module based on the ESP-12 module. A board with the ESP-12 and a USB to serial converter would be the most convenient for development. Popular are NODEMCU patterned boards, or Wemos. Lots of others to choose from.