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By josephchrzempiec
#82762 Hello i was wondering how many connections can connect to a esp8266 or aesp8266-mod or even a Esp32?

I looked all over and so many different answers. I'm trying to build a small mesh network for my area but I'm not sure how many connections per node?

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By rudy
#82763 The answers I have seen for the ESP8266 is 4 or 5. And that depended on if it was a tcp or udp connection.

From the Painless Mesh Wiki "There is a limit of 4 station nodes per AP for ESP8266 and 10 for ESP32."

This is consistent with what I have seen in some of the code documentation. There are a few places that set the limit. Not all of them will have an affect. In the end it all depends on how much memory is available for each connection.

I tried the ESP8266/Arduino Mesh example a couple of days ago but I was not able to get it to run with the current release framework. A few years ago I had help with the testing of easymesh, the origin of painlessmesh. I have an application right now that I would like to use mesh with.

I am interested in Bluetooth Mesh. Espressif has made a version for the ESP32, but there does not seem to be any activity with it for the last seven months. ... -mesh-v0.5

I have been looking at Bluetooth Mesh and it looks like it can be a very capable system. I just wish I knew if Espressif will support it properly in the future. So at this point I am going to design in the ESP32 and use WiFi. Multiple access points with a standard WiFi network. But I hope to have the ability to upgrade the existing systems with Bluetooth mesh in the future.
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By eriksl
#82766 There is hardly a hard limit for the ESP8266, if you compile LWIP yourself and tune the memory configuration.

UDP connections take up hardly any memory, but TCP connections do, especially if you want TCP to be fast, i.e. using windows.

If you don't compile LWIP yourself, it's up to what Espressif configured and I think that's indeed a small amount of connections, as most of us don't use many connections.