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By KennethQCh
#82848 My ESP8266 work fine. I put temperature and humidity values on Excel file in GoogleDrive but today I have an error, Arduino IDE can not open URL of Json file. I updated the URL to ... index.json and it´s OK. Now I wanted to update the ESP8266 in the Board Manager to version 2.5.2 but when I loaded the same code on the board and executed it, it gave an error on port 443.

I removed latest version 2.5.2 and installed version 2.4.2 and now everything works perfectly.

Does anyone know why this error is generated when updating to the latest version? :?

Thank you!
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By QuickFix
#82857 Port 443 is https, perhaps the server responds with a redirect to which the new Arduino IDE can't handle?
Try entering the URL with https instead of http; does that work?

Or maybe port 443 is just closed in your firewall for this new IDE (try disabling your firewall to test it)?
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By Shreeyash
#83116 hello there i am new here and i am working on a project of my college
we are supposed to make an RFID attendance system for them and the component we are using is an Arduino mega, an RFID reader and a tag, and a lolin NodeMCU ESP8266 wifi module the thing is
i haven't worked on Arduino and the ESP8266 but i am trying my best to make it work now i followed the given instruction in the documentation for the ESP8266 but the port com3 doesn't show up
so i am installing the older version of the is same board is it ok or not