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By icons
#83071 Yes its possible, but arduino RX/TX are 5v and this will definitely fry your esp8266. So you would need a voltage divider, but from my experience it is a very cumbersome thing and a lot of things can go wrong which will make you scratch your head.

A lot better to purchase a programmer or even an esp8266 like nodemcu.
Good luck.
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By schufti
#83072 if it really has to be .... (weekend, you can't wait to start your project etc)

1) you have to remove it or at least keep the atmega328 in reset
2) if I remember correctly, you connect gnd-gnd, rx-rx, tx-tx
3) a short period with 5V on rx won't probably fry the esp but you can insert a 4k7 resistor (in rx-rx) to be on the safe side.
4) the 3V3 from your UNO might be sufficient for the programming, for "test-runs" you definitely need an cap on the esp-01 (min 470uF/6V) or better seperate 3V3/1A supply.
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By josephchrzempiec
#83084 Hello I'm also working on a project with my esp8266 without ftdi. It's called OTA over the air update. I found a guy on YouTube called Andreas Spiess he did a awesome video explaining how to do it. Hope this helps.