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By josephchrzempiec
#83080 Hello Rudy sorry it been a long time sense i remember this post. I actually couldn't find it. Also i totally forgot about this project and went into a box and saw this project and the note and saw uh oh i didn't finish this project LOL So i thought it was time to finish it and here I'm.

I did try the sketch that you have posted it and found it very nice i wouldn't say easy and nothing in this world should be easy took me some time to figure out things. But i did get it and i thought i should make a project out of this. So my goal is to make a webserver small one nothing fancy with multiple pages and a static Ip address on it. Using this sketch now I'm use to and love it. Right now looking at other examples there are also a lot of them out there. I haven't figure out how to get a static ip address yet working But I'm trying. If you have any pointers I would love to know how i can get started in the right direction.