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By josephchrzempiec
#83099 Hello I'm getting mix searches online about if the ESP8266MOD has i2c and what flash memory size it has. I'm not sure if it has i2c on it also what memory size does it have. Can someone please help me to figure this out?

This module has not been modded and came from Microcenter in original box.

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By rudy
#83103 I don't know if there have been any changes to that module (probably not) but when I had bought them they had 4MB of flash. (4MB Byte = 32Mb Bit)

The I2C on the ESP8266 is done in software. I think there was hardware for it but it never worked. (I think I read that) And it has always been done with bitbanging. The advantage to that is that different pins can be selected for I2C use. Typically GPIO4 and GPIO5 are used. I use GPIO0 and GPIO2. Most available GPIO lines can be used except maybe GPIO16.