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By richardstephens
#83363 Creating Effective Business Cards That Don't Look Intrusive

A easy way of advertising your services professionally is as simple getting personal business cards online. Easy tools have a traditional charm that can personallyassist reach to be able to your customers. The basic an individual need understand about options are discussed in this text.
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Creating an appropriate impression then is vital to your business' success. It takes longer time an individual to set up a good relationship with bargain for better opinion;yet takes one bad impression and your entire image would surely topple.

Card holders make them appear professional and all of your restock them and a few extras. Acquiring your cards from your pocket or tied with a rubber band orpaper clip to secure them as stronger show unprofessionalism. When you have a card holder it says that you value the investment you made and early aging thecards from being worn available.
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6) Uniforms, office and marketing supplies, packaging are used to help. You will need set up your position. Which means your staff need uniforms or like a minimumvisiting card and name tags. Plus it really can want brochures, adverts etc. If appropriate additionally, you will need standardized packaging and documentation.Your working environment may also require office equipment and components. It's also advisable to plan for designing your logo, brochures andadverts individuals that wants get this to happen your own circumstances.

Your business card printing stand for an business, they represent you and talk in the clients you'll have a you visit. Writing up a factual statement using what youprovide and accurate address concerning your business will lead to obtain your clients trust. The contents of one's card should have your name, business name,address, mobile phone number and a tagline that will catch your clients' concentrate.
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Release - Create one final logo in high resolution so that it can survive being blown up or shrunken down with no pixels becoming. This should let you attach yourlogo with your business card printing designs, or within your color posters with no gripe at nearly. Now all will be left through using print those items with yourlogo and you're simply all fit.
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By hosseinslz
#83416 I buy an ESP-10 module and I want to upload custom room to its flash. The problem is that there is no way to access GPIO 0 pin! Is there some way around it to upload custom room without connecting GPIO 0 to the ground? How in the earth should I program it without this pin? here is an address to supplier's page which contains schematic and some other details. ... escription
sorry posting it here, this forum is kind of weird I could not find out how to ask a question!
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By btidey
#83421 The short answer is you have to access GPIO0 to upload new flash data. So if this isn''t available on the edge then your only possibility would have been to connect to the chip. But I am not sure even that is possible as the board layout picture seems to show GPIO0 directly hard wired to Vdd.

I have never used this one; it looks even more brain damaged than an ESP--01.

I can only think that is intended for use with the supplied AT firmware set to respond to serial commands and not intended to be flashed.
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By rudy
#83426 If the ESP8266 was held in reset, then it would be possible to program the flash directly through the flash chip pins. Maybe a jig could be used with small pogo pins.

Yeah, pretty crazy to not expose GPIO0, even with just a pad. I would rather have GPIO0 available rather than reset.