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#83452 Hello guys,

I'm trying to implement yModem protocol on ESP8266 so I can transfer files between the ESP8266 and PC over serial port communication and yModem.

I have a working implementation for yModem, but as far as the SPIFFS concerned, I'm not sure how to pass a pointer to open file to the function used to transfer files:
Code: Select all/**
  * @brief  Transmit a file using the ymodem protocol
  * @param  buf: Address of the first byte
  * @retval The size of the file
uint8_t Ymodem_Transmit (uint8_t *buf, const uint8_t* sendFileName, uint32_t sizeFile)
    // function code goes here...

As you can see above, the function takes a pointer to a buffer that contains the data to be sent.

Any ideas?

Thank you!