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By maverickchongo
#83549 Hi,

I run few UDP services on my ESP8266 on different ports, but I have found that every time one of them is running I need to stop the other ones, otherwise they interfere between each other.

I know that everytime do a espconn_send() I must set the port and IP address, but even doing that the different services seem to interfere with each other.

Have you guys experienced this?

Is there a way arount it?
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By maverickchongo
davydnorris wrote:Can you give us a more detailed description? What exactly is going on? Any debug dumps you can throw into the chat?

Also what SDK and version are you using? Using the ESP supplied lib or lwip directly?

@davydnorris, this related to this post:


When I try to run both of those UDP services together neither of them work, run one and then when I am finish with that one I run the other one, then it works fine. By the way, I am using non-os-sdk.