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#84059 Hi.
I made boards include ESP8266EX, I provide them CMOS clock(ASDMB-26.000MHZ-XY-T).
ESP8266EX works well It can be uploaded firmware through Arduino IDE, UART communication with Computer but except WiFi.

I uploaded my code and check to WIfi function, are they on the list of wifi list of smartphone or not.
Other boards like esp03, esp01 is on the list, but mine isn't

So I try to check the cause, I changed part of the Impedance matching circuit and decoupling capacitor. but It doesn't work.
I compared my board and ESP 03. The one thing I can find is a difference in the oscillator.

I connect CMOS oscillator output to ESP8266's XTAL_IN(pin 28). XTAL_OUT pin is left float.

Do It become the reason of problem in Wifi function?
Thank you
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By slaesh
#87327 hey there,

running into the same problem..
using a oscillator, xta_out is floating..

my problem is that if WiFi is on and LNA matching components are soldered, the chip gets very hot..
if i touch (with my fingers) the pcb, especially the antenna it seems fine..

did you found something?
got it to work? :)