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By Agentsmithers
#84077 ... rash-Dumps
So I am doing a lot of reading and research on this and came across this example when trying to research an answer for an exception I am getting in my project.
Do any of you know if I write something like this

uint_32 SP = 0;
#define ReadStackAddress() { asm volatile( "mov.n SP, A1); }

can call ReadStackAddress() that I could possibly do some logic to walk this stack to determine the full stack trace for NONOS SDK?

Before I go down this road I wanted to see if anyone knows this is possible without RTOS?

Here is a pretty solid example of code that touches on the stacktrace: ... d4c9da81c0
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By Solomon Candy
#84685 Does the operating system matter for a stack-dump? Won't one be able to unwind the stack just the same because the allocated stack is one singular chunk.
Writing this, now I see that the stack context may shift upon encountering an exception. Is that what you are talking about? Can you share how you proceeded and what have your findings been?