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By bazooka07
#84072 Hello,
I'm living in France and I'm playing with LFS. So I wish to store zoneinfo file like "Europe/Paris" in lfs space to set up local time.
But "luac.cross -o lfs.img -f *.lua Paris" gives me an issue. I have the same question about pictures, stylesheets (CSS) for an HTTP server.
Any idea ?
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By bazooka07
Code: Select alljpierre@smarteck:~/ESP8266/lfs$ ../nodemcu-firmware/luac.cross -o lfs.img *.lua Paris
../nodemcu-firmware/luac.cross: Paris:1: '=' expected
jpierre@smarteck:~/ESP8266/lfs$ ls
fifo.lua  fifosock.lua  _init.lua  Paris  telnet.lua  tz.lua