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By Anttiduino
#84583 I can see several points here:

1. Use resistors (e.g. 10 kohm) when pulling CH_PD up and GPIO15 down
2. Connect Tx -> Rx and Rx -> Tx
3. Use a voltage divider in Nano's Tx, as Nano uses higher voltage than ESP-07
4. Nano has only one Hardware Serial and it is shared between USB-connection and Tx/Rx -pins. This means that if you connect your computer to the USB-port you can not use Tx/Rx -pins at the same time. You have to use Arduino's SoftwareSerial-library instead (and start with 9600 baud because Software Serial is not able to run high speeds).

Btw ESP-01 has standard pins and is easy to with a breadboard. And there are lots of examples how to connect and use it.
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By QuickFix
RonGladney wrote:From your wiring arrangement, it looks like you have incorrectly tied Rx of the esp to Rx of the Arduino Nano and Tx of the esp to Tx of the Arduino Nano.

Anttiduino wrote:2. Connect Tx -> Rx and Rx -> Tx

Rajniszp isn't using the Nano (controler) itself, but only using its USB->UART convertor by lack of a separate convertor. :idea:

rajniszp wrote:I'm using Arduino as a converter (reset and ground on arduino short-circuited, so it won't boot),

It's not my prefered way of doing things ("Do it properly or don't do it at all"), but it has been done before with actual UNO's by simply removing the DIP ATMEL controler from its socket (clones have a soldered TQFP package and "Can't" be removed). As I don't have experience working like this, I'm not able to help. Though Anttiduino is correct that you really should use a voltage divider for the TX/RX lines.