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By F6839
#84602 Basically at the moment I use devices to be able to securely send 'messages' pub/sub MQTT style between my various nodes. It means if a Particle Photon at home wants to tell a Particle Photon at work that the temperature is 11C, it can easily do that. I don't need to fret about security, it's all handled by the Particle cloud.

Is there any way I can replicate this with ESP8266 without getting into the realm of exposing a secure MQTT broker to the internet?

Ideally I'd like to use ZeroTier to effectively have my ESPs talking to a LAN MQTT broker, and have ZeroTier manage the secure aspect of the connection, but I don't think this will work on the ESPs.

I also don't really want to have to use an RaPi Zero W as an 'edge device', but I think that's probably what I'll have to end up doing?!

Any guidance most welcome.

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By Patricio
#84746 Hi F6!! , investigating that, the only thing that i could setup was raspbery with zerotier-cli with homeassistat run on it, visible trough two different 4g service providers(imagine all NAT's involved) sharing the same virtual lan, I also could communicate iot devives(temp, power, switches) using stand alone mosquito broker, just pointing to the corresponding port, and also grafana to see the graphs in the other side. I found amazing that because the limiting NAT issue inherent to 3g- 4g networks(you are behind of private IP, not public).
My plan is convert the raspbery into a router(openwrt has already the solution also) in order to do NAT and forward ports to the different esp's devices (that I have a lot).