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By DanRiches
#62252 Hi all,

Is there a way I can update the firmware on the ESP8266 via Ethernet rather than WiFi? My device has a w5100 connected to it and allows access via WiFi or wired connection with the ESP doing all the work. It's absolutely brillian this chip but I'd like to be able to update my sketch via Ethernet as that is the default connection mode customers will be using and I can get the interface into a default setting of for example and in this mode I'd like to allow code updates.

Does anyone know how I could do this or have any pointers please? BTW: my C++ is non existent, I can only write in C and C#.


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By dionw
#84621 Hi @DanRiches,

Did you ever make any progress with your Ethernet firmware updating?

I presume that for there to be any progress on that front one of the Arduino compatible Ethernet modules would need to be successfully ported to the ESP8266 and accepted into the ESP8266 Arduino core.