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By dalbert
#85240 I am getting regular exceptions from two ESP-12E devices in the field. There are many devices fielded and every 15 minutes, these devices turn on WiFi, connect to a local wifi access point, connect to a remote server, dump a bunch of data, and then disconnect and turn off WiFi. On just two of these devices, I am getting frequent Exception 9s in WiFiGenericClass.shutdown(). This started happening after an upgrade to Arduino Core 2.6.2:
Core:2_6_2 SDK:2.2.2-dev(38a443e) LWIP:2.1.2

The stack trace is short and not terribly useful;
epc1=0x40207d00 (WiFiGenericClass8shutdownEjP9WiFiState+0xc2
The only other code-space address on the stack is:
401021c5 which is in sntp_get_current_timestamp() -> call0 <lmacTxFrame>

Could this be related to ticket #6888?

Has anyone else seen this or been having similar problems?