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By kenyaa
#86075 Can i send voice notes in realtime through a mic to a php using esp8266 where audio will get processed.
I don't know it's possible or not so i'm asking you any suggestion or reply will be appreciated.

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Kenya Sharma
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By Ape21
#86276 thank you for the article link
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By eriksl
#86463 The ESP8266 does have a (single) I2S interface, so you can connect an ADC. It may even be fast enough to capture at 44.1 or 48 kHz. I am not sure if the processor itself (at 80 or 160 MHz) is quick enough to do any processing or packaging to WLAN at that speed.

Only drawback is that the I2S interface is really poorly documented.

You might consider using an ADC with a SPI interface instead or even I2C (lower sample frequency due to lower bus speed, though).